Friday, June 25, 2010

Sink Trap

Sink Trap
Author: Christy Evans
Berkley, 2009
244 pages

10 books in one month! Woo-hoo!

If you read my other blog regularly, you'll know that we had a "flooding event" at my house this week due to way too much rain in a very short period of time. I spent an entire day with plumbers and water removers and waterproof specialists, and that prompted Sink Trap to choose me when it was time for a new read. The first book in the Georgiana Neverall Mystery series, Sink Trap's main character and I have something in common: our stressful corporate lifestyles have gone down the drain. "Georgie" has recently moved back to her childhood home in Oregon, and -- to the chagrin of her high-maintenance, super-feminine mother -- taken plumbing classes and become a plumber's apprentice.

While unclogging a drain in a warehouse, Georgie discovers an old brooch trapped in the pipe. She recognizes the brooch as one that longtime local librarian Miss Tepper wore everyday. Miss Tepper recently retired to Arizona, but no one seems to know how to reach her. Even worse, no one seems to care! It's up to Georgie and her circle of friends (her old pals from high school) to figure out what happened to Miss Tepper.

Sink Trap is a light read, with so many references to junk food (pizza, fried chicken platters) that I was hungry nearly the whole time I was reading it. Well, except for the occasional times when our plumber's apprentice character encounters something gross in the line of duty. Still, I enjoyed it enough to look forward to future Georgie books.

BONUS-->There are some helpful tips inserted between some of the chapters. Turns out that I had a clogged drain in my bathroom. I'd been postponing doing anything about it. One of the hints told me exactly what to do. I followed the very simple instructions using very simple and common household ingredients, and Voila! Unclogged drain. And I didn't have to use any harsh chemicals!

That in itself was worth the $6.99 plus tax I paid for this cool little paperback. Go Georgie!