Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Awakening: Sisterhood of Secrets

The Awakening: Sisterhood of Secrets
Author: Korin Bridges
Create-Space, 2008
422 pages

It wasn't all that long ago that a friend of mine mentioned to me that she was writing a novel. My first impression was skeptical. After all, I'm writing a book, too! I'm constantly writing a book; I just never seem to finish. Not only did my friend finish her book, she published it! And she wrote a second book, and is now almost finished with her third! 

The main character in The Awakening: Sisterhood of Secrets is a young woman named Isabella who has a group of close girlfriends, of whom she is the clear leader. One night, on a whim, the women decide to visit a new age store to have a psychic reading. They learn that each one of them has a special "gift" and this draws them into a supernatural world, the likes of which they had previously only seen in movies or read about in paranormal romance novels. I can say no more about the plot except to say that the ending is a cliffhanger and you will immediately want to read the second book.

I like that this first-in-a-series installment features some really strong females, including a few who don't fit the usual stereotype. Even the men are a little different. Strong women plus hot men always equals steamy. So don't make the mistake of reading Chapter 17 on an airplane, like I did. This series may have been inspired in part by Twilight, but it's not for Young Adults.

I actually liked The Awakening: Sisterhood of Secrets, despite some editorial issues that Korin became aware of after publication. (She gets extra credit because unlike me, she actually FINISHED her book(s) and is now officially a published novelist.) I really believe that if the right person would come across this book, Korin could be the next Charlaine Harris, because I could so easily see this story as a TV series like True Blood

The Awakening: Sisterhood of Secrets is not available in stores, but can be found on Amazon.com. Check it out. Read something pure and raw for a change. Invest in a local author. Be inspired that if Korin can make it happen, then you can, too. (And so can I, if I can just focus on something long enough to finish it!)

[I should also insert a plug for "S" because she designed the book cover. She also designed the book cover for Book #2, which I believe will be available in March.]

Rating: 4 stars - for the story that kept my attention, and because I like the Sadie character so much.  :-)